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    Blown-off shingles at Walker Roofing

    Missing Shingles?

    Missing Shingles by Walker Roofing

    Many homeowners have seen this kind of wind damage after a thunderstorm and have had to pick up shingles in their yard following high winds. Why does this happen, and why does it happen so often?

    Damaged Shingle repair service by Walker Roofing

    Self-sealing fiberglass asphalt shingles use an asphalt-based adhesive that seals the shingle to the shingle below it after it is heated by the sun in the warm summer months. After just a few years of exposure to the suns ultra-violet rays and radiant heat, the adhesive dries out and loses its adhesion. If the exposed portion of the shingle is not adhered to the fastened portion of the shingle below it, wind can easily blow the shingle off.

    As shown in the picture above, just a single tab blown off of this 3-tab asphalt shingle roof can leak. This tab was covering the seam of two adjoining shingles below it. This WILL leak in heavy rains. In addition, if the fastener is located above the manufacture’s “nail line”, the shingle can be easily blown off. Blown-off shingles is one of the most common problems I see out in the field and it occurs on asphalt shingle roofs in as little as five years after installation.

    What’s the answer to this problem? First, the use of an experienced installer that guarantees their workmanship and the overall installation. Secondly, the use of high quality asphalt shingles that are installed in spring, summer, or warm fall weather so that they seal properly. You can also consider the use of metal roofing that is entirely mechanically attached, unaffected by the sun, and does not use adhesives to seal down the material. A properly installed metal roof can withstand hurricane force winds. For example, stone-coated steel roofing like the Metro Shake or Cottage Shingle uses a unique vertical and horizontal fastening pattern:

    Metro Shake or Cottage Shingle pattern

    Note that the fasteners form an X on the Metro Shake and are screwed into the deck at an angle. It’s this type of fastening requirement that gives Metro’s Stone-Coated Steel roofing superior wind uplift. Independent wind tunnel tests verified the Metro Shake or Cottage Shingle could withstand winds of 200+ MPH, which is no surprise if you talk to the hundreds of happy Metro customers living in areas of the country frequented by tornados and hurricanes. Roof damage is one of the most common, inconvenient, and expensive issues home-owners face in areas prone to wind and inclement weather. Add to this that excessive wind is usually accompanied by heavy rains, which just compounds the potential damages and repair costs. For this reason, it is no surprise that many insurance policies contain a clause excluding the roof from the general home policy, commanding a significantly higher deductible on roof specific damage.

    EDCO’s metal roof products offer a unique four-way interlocking roof system. Similar to our standing seam hemmed eave, all four sides of the EDCO shake or slate shingles have a complete 180-degree hem, making it impossible for high wind to get under the steel.

    Eave Detail by Walker Roofing

    So, if you are picking up shingles out of your yard, don’t delay, call Walker Roofing today for a free inspection from a knowledgeable estimator to explore options to make your next roof WIND PROOF!