Leaf Proofing

LEAFPROOF Gutter Protection – Serving the Greater Twin Cities Area

Walker Roofing offers the LEAF FREE gutter protection system.

Leaf Proof Colors in Saint Paul, MN
Walker Roofing offers LEAF FREE, the fastest growing gutter protection system sold in America. It is installed nationwide by more contractors than all other premium gutter protection products combined.

The reasons for LEAF FREE’s success:

Leaf Proof Gutter Design by Walker Roofing
For more information on LEAFPROOF please visit www.leafproof.com

  • Installed under the first row of shingles
  • Fits existing gutters
  • Not screwed into the roof or fascia
  • Lowest profile of any product that may be maintained from the ground
  • Blends in with your gutters and roofline for that clean “finished” look
  • Extends the roof edge and has a factory pre-set water channel

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